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HP announces bunch of new PCs, displays and more

HP at CES announces a bunch of new devices and that includes PCs, displays, gaming laptops, Soundbar, backpack and USB-C Hub. HP says that these devices will provide powerful ways for customers to connect...

With Windows 10 Build 9860, Store & apps work on displays with resolution lower...

This is one of the important unreported changes that Windows 10 latest Build 9860, which has started rolling-out yesterday, brings with itself. One of my Netbooks, which has the Windows 10 Tech Preview running, has...

Windows 9 to bring support for 4K and 8K resolution displays.

PCPortal.Ru has found some evidences to suggest that Windows 9, the Desktop /  Enterprise SKU of Windows Threshold may bring support for 4K and 8K displays. We have been reporting various leaks of Windows...


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