PCPortal.Ru has found some evidences to suggest that Windows 9, the Desktop /  Enterprise SKU of Windows Threshold may bring support for 4K and 8K displays. We have been reporting various leaks of Windows 9, but the above screenshots come from the latest build of Windows 9, which is already available with OEM partners.

As can be seen in the above and below screenshots, not only the icons support new sizes of up to 768×768 pixels, but also the system resources and Zoom system have been updated to support high-DPI screens.


This also should be read as good news for upcoming smartphone and Tablets as Windows Phone core will be the same across all Windows SKUs. So, in theory super high-resolution display support should come to smartphone and Tablets too.

Microsoft has already sent invitations for a Windows event on September 30, so we won’t need to wait for long to know all about Windows 9.