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Firmware updates for Surface Pro 6, Laptop 2, Book 2 & Studio 2 now...

New firmware updates are rolling out to users using the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6, Laptop 2, Book 2 & Studio 2. The latest firmware updates bring fixes for compatibility with the Xbox Wireless Adapter These...

Firmware update for Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Pro 5 is now available

Microsoft has released new firmware updates for the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 5. The new firmware update brings no new features and is all about stability and performance improvements. You read about...
Surface Pro 4, Surface Book

Surface Pro & Surface Book reportedly receiving new firmware updates (Full Changelog)

Microsoft is releasing new firmware updates for those using Surface Pro (Model 1796), Surface Pro with LTE Advanced (Model 1807) device and Surface Book. These updates are usually provided via the Windows Update service, and...

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book & Surface 3 getting firmware updates: Official Changelog

September firmware updates for Surface Pro 4, Surface Book & Surface 3 are live now OTA. These updates brings many driver updates for three devices. Read the full changelog below and click on the...

Surface Pro 4 & Surface Book receive April 2016 Firmware updates

Microsoft has now released April 2016 firmware updates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The firmware updates pack lots of driver updates and performance improvements including Windows Hello, Camera, Wi-Fi and more. Check...

New Feb’16 Firmware updates available for Surface Pro & Surface Pro 2

Microsoft released a new firmware update for its Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 devices. Find out the detailed changelog for Surface pro and Surface Pro 2 below: Surface Pro Changelog: Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware...

Microsoft rolling-out Surface Book and Pro 4 Firmware updates.Changelog.

Microsoft is rolling-out firmware updates for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. These Firmware updates bring many new features and fixes. This is how you can update manually. Step 1: Go to Start , and select...

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