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Fixing common Windows 10 Fall Creators Update upgrade & installation Issues, errors (codes) & their possible resolutions

Microsoft has now released Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and you can read all four ways in which you can install Fall Creators Update on your PC. While for many the upgrade to windows 10 Fall Creators Update may have been a smooth affair, many may have faced issues during upgrade, install or

Windows 10: How to fix Screen (Display) resolution

Another noob-friendly Windows 10 tutorial here!! If you want to know how to change screen or display resolution on your PC running Windows 10, just follow the tutorial below. Method 1: Go to Settings-->Display and you can see a slider here. Change the display resolution by using "Change the size of text,

Microsoft fixes the reported Internet explorer vulenrability.

Microsoft has today announced that the reported Internet explorer vulnerability, which was revealed by Microsoft in a security advisory last week, will be fixed with an update going live today. This "remote code execution vulnerability" affected Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer