Another noob-friendly Windows 10 tutorial here!! If you want to know how to change screen size or display resolution on your PC running Windows 10, just follow the tutorial below. You can read all our Windows 10 How To tutorials by clicking here.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Method 1: How to fix Screen size (Display resolution)

  1. Go to Display

    Go to Settings–>Display

  2. Go to “Advanced settings”

    You can see “Advanced settings” on the page

  3. Tapping on advanced settings takes you to the screenshot below

  4. Resolution values

    You will see many resolution values

  5. Choose resolution

    You can choose from the available resolutions.

  6. Recommended

    It is better to go for the resolution marked recommended

  7. Apply resolution

    After selecting the resolution tap on apply and you should be able to change the screen resolution of your PC.

Method 2:

Go to Settings–>Display and you can see a slider here. Change the display resolution by using “Change the size of text, apps and other items” by moving the slider left or right.

Screenshot (31)