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Microsoft FY17 Q2 earnings: Surface Sales down by 2% and Phone by 81% (YoY)

In the latest earning report for the FY17 Q2 by Microsoft, according to the company, Surface business has seen a decrease of 2% year-over-year. This wouldn't bother Microsoft as the Surface products primarily Surface Book,...

Microsoft FY17 Q2 earnings: Office 365 revenue grew by 5% and LinkedIn raised $228M

Microsoft recently outed its earnings report for the FY17 Q2. It reflects the earnings Microsoft made towards the end of 2016, till December 31st. In a press release, according to Microsoft, the business and productivity processes has...

Microsoft FY17 Q2 earnings: Cloud revenue grew by 8%, Enterprise Services faced loss

Microsoft, in a press release, yesterday announced the earning report for the quarter ended December 31, 2016. This report throws light on some of the major Microsoft services including Intelligent cloud, Personal computing, Productivity and business processes...

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