In the latest earning report for the FY17 Q2 by Microsoft, according to the company, Surface business has seen a decrease of 2% year-over-year.

This wouldn’t bother Microsoft as the Surface products primarily Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 etc. has fetched in revenue of $1.321 Billion dollars. This has been possible since, according to the Redmond giant, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are continually replacing the sales against the Surface Pro 3.

In correlation, last quarter Microsoft posted an income of $926 million, and in Q2 2016 an income of $1.352 billion. While there is a slight (2%) decrease in YoY income, there is surely an upward rise, overall.


Coming to the phone sales, there is 81% decrease in revenue year-over-year. With Microsoft is already clearing up Lumia handsets from the retail channels, and the continuous dip in the market share (<1%),  this is no surprise.

While the software giant has not specifically turned to exact number of Lumia sales, but according to the data we have currently that is less than 1 million (81% of 4.5 million units in last quarter of 2015).

Microsoft is long rumoured working on a Surface Phone, as they call it, as a one big breakthrough product planned for 2017 and we have even seen Microsoft acquiring a patent for foldable mobile computing device.

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