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Windows 8 devices to see free upgrade to Windows 9, Microsoft Indonesia confirms

It was rumored a lot and now Microsoft Indonesia president has sort of confirmed that all Windows 8 devices will see free upgrade to Windows 9. While Microsoft will take the veils off the...

First Dual-Sim Lumia, Lumia 630 passes certification in both Indonesia & Thailand

Lumia 630, which was revealed by us via Zauba records as RM-977 and RM-978 for the very first time, has confirmed itself for BUILD announcement by passing certifications in Thailand and Indonesia. Below is...

Nokia offering 20 GB free SkyDrive storage in India, Hong Kong, Indonesia & Philippines.

Nokia is offering 20 GB free SkyDrive or soon to be OneDrive storage in many markets with Lumia purchases. Currently confirmed markets are India, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong. While in Philippines, Indonesia and...

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