It was rumored a lot and now Microsoft Indonesia president has sort of confirmed that all Windows 8 devices will see free upgrade to Windows 9. While Microsoft will take the veils off the Windows Threshold aka Windows TH (May be Windows 9 for Desktop / Laptop) on September 30, the tech preview will be offered to enterprises and enthusiasts in due course.

As reported by “Detik”, Microsoft Indonesia President Andreas Diantoro¬† has said,

“It’s easy, when the OS (Windows 9) has been launched later, users who have used Windows 8 need only perform the update through the device of hers. It will be installed automatically, “he said at the Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (25/9/2014).

You can read all about Windows 9 new features leaks and other tidbits here. The tech preview for Enterprise has been leaked too and it revealed Windows TH name.