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Firefox 76 focuses on security, warns when password reuse is dangerous

Mozilla has now started rolling out a new update to the Firefox browser. The new update to the Firefox browser comes to the browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The latest update to the...

Firefox Nightly made for ARM PCs is now available for testing

Mozilla has delivered what it promised back in December last year. The company has finally revealed a new version Firefox called Firefox Nightly which is made for ARM PCs. You can download the first...

Mozilla goes the Google way, now planning to bring native ARM64 Firefox browser for...

The entire PC industry is now going through a major overhaul. Big names are now pursuing routes that a couple of years ago seemed unthinkable. It is now time for Mozilla to shakes things...

A brand new Mozilla Firefox is here. Changes and new features inside

Mozilla has released a new and much-awaited update to the Firefox browser. The Firefox browser is now getting updated on windows OS. The update to Mozilla Firefox brings many new features. The latest update to...


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