The entire PC industry is now going through a major overhaul. Big names are now pursuing routes that a couple of years ago seemed unthinkable. It is now time for Mozilla to shakes things up from its end as the company is now planning to bring the full-fledged Firefox web browser that will run natively on Windows 10 ARM PCs.

This sounds very similar to what Google is doing with Chrome in order to bring it to the ARM PCs on which we have earlier reported. While we hardly had any details on Google’s effort, Firefox has some important information to share regarding the project. Each tab on Firefox will use individual CPU cores and the browser will be built for ARM64 to offer great performance with multi-threaded support.

We will see what the future holds for ARM PCs. As of now, almost all the major names are here and with that Windows 10 on ARM looks far from being Dead on Arrival.