One of the major cause due to which Windows Phone failed is the lack of Google services. Whatever rationale Google had for not supporting Microsoft’s phone ecosystem is best known to the company. And now with Windows 10 on ARM made some significant development, Google this time has decided to come on board and is now going to work with Microsoft and Qualcomm to make Chrome happen on Windows 10 ARM PCs.

This should not be confused with a Chrome store app for Windows 10, that is not happening because for that to happen Google needs to use Microsoft’s rendering engine, EdgeHTML. Instead, the triumvirate will focus on making Chrome compatible for Windows 10 ARM, thanks to the emulation technology that Microsoft with the help of Qualcomm managed to pull off. The trio has already started to work on the project as there are pieces of evidence found on Chromium’s Gerrit source code management(via 9to5Goolge).

This is a huge win-win situation for Microsoft as to a lot of users the futility of Windows 10 on ARM was distinct only because it couldn’t run Chrome. This partnership finally could turn the table and make consumers want an ARM computer powered by Windows 10. The only setback to this emulation technology is that it could overall intervene with the users’ workflow by causing a minor slowdown in performance.

How many of our readers are interested in Windows 10 on ARM? Even if you weren’t interested, does this Chrome on Windows 10 ARM thing sound convincing enough? Do let us know in the comments section below.