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Petya/Petrwrap Ransomware attack hits Europe, spreading worldwide. How to stay protected

After WannaCray, another Ramsomware Petya aka Petrwrap aka wowsmith123456 has spread to many European countries starting with Ukraine. In Ukraine, it has caused wide-spread infection already affecting many corporations and government agencies. But it doesn't seem to stop...

Disable SMB1 (SMB 1.0) protocol to protect your Windows PC from Ransomware Petya/WannaCry attack

Ransomware WannaCry/Petya has been causing havoc with the unprecedented scale of attack that now has spread to many countries impacting over 10,000 organizations and 200,000 individuals. It can even get worse with news surfacing...

Microsoft provides anti-WannaCrypt Security update for unsupported Windows versions too

Microsoft has issued a statement whereby it has decided to push a critical update against the rapidly spreading "WannaCrypt" ransomware, for Windows operating system which were no longer eligible to receive security and other...

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