Ransomware WannaCry/Petya has been causing havoc with the unprecedented scale of attack that now has spread to many countries impacting over 10,000 organizations and 200,000 individuals. It can even get worse with news surfacing about its new variants with no Kill Switch.

We had earlier shared vital tips that can help in protecting your Windows PC from WannaCry/Petya infection. But now we have one more tip that helps in making your PC safe against not only this Ransomware but also many others. There is a legacy protocol SMB1 (SMB 1.0) still available in Windows that Microsoft should have removed or made disabled by default. But unfortunately, it is enabled by default even on Windows 10.

Disabling this SMB1 protocol doesn’t have any impact on consumers’ experience with Windows, as it is aimed at a very small set of Enterprise features. So, you should go ahead and just disable it on your Windows PC, whatever Windows version it may be running.

Here are two ways in which you can disable SMB 1.0 easily,

Use Powershell / CMD:

  1. Open PowerShell / Comman Prompt with admin privilege.
  2. Copy and paste this command: Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName smb1protocol
  3. Enter and wait till it is running
  4. Once the command execution is over, it will ask for a restart. Just type “Y” and enter
  5. Your PC will restart and you are done

Directly go to Windows Features:

  1. Type “Windows Features” in search box and click on “Turn Windows features on or off”
  2. Scroll and reach SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing support. Uncheck the box against it and you will be prompted to restart
  3. Restart and you are done

For making your PC safer you can also download anti-Ransomware WannaCry Security update for whatever Windows versions you are running. Our shared vital tips can also help you in staying protected from WannaCry and other Ransomwares.