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Microsoft makes group Screen Sharing with Skype free. How to?

Earlier one needed a premium Skype subscription to share screen with two or more people, but Microsoft has made it free now. What you need to do is to install latest versions of Skype...

Windows Phone 8.1: ‘Downloads’ Folder, Lockscreen WP8 vs WP8.1, Podcasts in action, SD Card...

Thanks for staying tuned and here is more about Windows Phone 8.1, revealed in leaked screenshots. Lock-screen WP8 vs WP8.1. Can you spot the differences?: This is important and pretty useful. So we saw the browser...

More Windows Phone 8.1 tidbits: Bing Podcasts app, Sharing, Universal apps (WP8.1 & Windows)

While the bulk of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks via the Developer preview SDK is already out, there are tidbits which are getting revealed from various sources. Be sure to read about the earlier leaks...


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