While the bulk of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks via the Developer preview SDK is already out, there are tidbits which are getting revealed from various sources. Be sure to read about the earlier leaks and if you wish you can watch the video of Windows Phone 8.1 SDK in action.

Universal apps:

While earlier leaks told us the same, it is really great to understand from the below leaked slide, how much easier it has become to target both Windows Phone and Windows stores with a single app.

BgSi4zzCIAA9Yj8.png large

Converged UI controls for easy apps development:BgSj2ojCUAA7Qkh.png largeSharing from any apps:

This is how sharing will work in Windows Phone 8.1. Once you wish to share from within an app, you will be presented with options of all apps which can share the content you want.

BgSnekyCYAALTmU.png largeBing Podcasts app:

We have seen podcasts app screenshots getting leaked on Twitter and now more is revealed about them by Winsupersite. The app will be known as Bing Podcasts app and will have three views: Now playing, Favorite, collection and get podcasts (Using Bing search). You can now share the podcasts as well as seen in the last screenshot below.

Bing podcasts

Source: Twitter  Winsupersite