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Imperia is now an Universal App with full support for desktop, tablet and phone

Popular Windows mobile app , Imperia Online is now a universal app with full support for desktop, tablet and mobile. The game has a great number of fans around the world. It is one of...

Consolidated Windows & Windows Phone store price tiers go live to support “Universal apps”

Microsoft has talked about consolidating Windows and Windows Phone store apps pricing at BUILD 2014, in order to harmonize the stores to support “Universal apps” introduction. This consolidation has no gone live with help...

More Windows Phone 8.1 tidbits: Bing Podcasts app, Sharing, Universal apps (WP8.1 & Windows)

While the bulk of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks via the Developer preview SDK is already out, there are tidbits which are getting revealed from various sources. Be sure to read about the earlier leaks...

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