Users with Windows 10 mobile have received an update for Mail and Calendar app which besides the taking the app version to v.16006.11001.20083.0 breaks the app as well. Users are now complaining that after the installation, the app no longer opens, giving a flash screen the app crashes and then goes back to the main screen. Notably, the issue did not get resolved even after doing the soft reset.

Interestingly, the reports that are coming from Microsoft Community suggest that mobiles that did not come up with the Windows 10 out of the box are affected e.g., Lumia 730, Lumia 735, Lumia 1520. This might be a coincidence and certainly appears to be something wrong with the latest app update and not the operating system.

This issue is nothing new with Microsft’s Mobile operating system. Even when the company was actively developing their mobile ecosystem, issues like these were known. Here in 2018, things are a lot different; now issues like these become more evident given how little Microsoft pays attention to their mobile phone ecosystem. But as the issue hit a lot of users, an official statement from Microsoft is definitely coming followed by an update that fixes the bug in the Mail an Calendar app on Windows 10 Mobile.