Microsoft removed many Taskbar features in Windows 11 but the one that disappointed people the most is the lack of ability to move Taskbar. While some of the Windows 11 Taskbar features may be back with version 22H2, this much-desire feature may not be on the must-bring list of Microsoft.

Currently Taskbar is only allowed to be pinned to the bottom of screen in Windows 11. This is already the most requested change in Windows 11 in Feedback hub. But during a recent AMA organized by Microsoft, employees seemed to hint at the feature not making a comeback with the upcoming Windows 11 update at least.

One can check the discussion about the “ability to move taskbar” feature around 10-minute in the AMA video posted by Microsoft.

Tali Roth, Head of Product for Windows Core Experiences mentions number of challenges that comes with this ability. According to her, with every new possible position for the taskbar huge efforts need to be put for apps to understand this.

She also claimed that only a smaller subset of users are asking for this feature. Bigger set of users are seemingly interested in other features and Microsoft is focusing on those features more. Tali was also not willing to commit timelines for delivering this feature though it seems Microsoft has the huge user feedback in mind somewhere.