Redstone Concept

A Windows 10 Redstone Concept has been shared with us by its creator. The concept does look appealing with its nuanced approach to many Windows 10 aspects. Here are the major changes that this Concept proposes to add to Windows 10.

DESKTOP MODE : What’s new:

Ø  Start Menu : Light animation at mouseover above the tiles. The titles of the apps are now below the tiles and light modifications.

Ø  TaskBar : The icons of the apps are also animated. The taskbar can become transparent, with option to customize opacity level. Now, whenever the device detects headphones, the speaker icon is replaced by the headphones icon.

Ø  Quick options : Brightness slider, now there are more choices than the four preset levels

Ø  File Explorer : Moder interface, consistent with the global UI of Windows 10, transparency (with option to customize opacity level)

Ø  Dark Mode : Available throughout the OS (File Manager, Settings, Store, Cortana etc.)

TABLET MODE : What’s new:

Ø  Start Screen :

– New Style : UI is refined, the organization is more airy, possibility of customize the tiles (transparency). A swipe right opens the menu (with new style (Blur effect etc.)

– New Navigation Bar : It is smaller, more attractive, and more functional. Buttons ‘return’, ‘start’ and ‘cortana’ are from now on in the middle.

Ø  Microsoft Edge : UI is more adapted to a touch use.

– Tabs View, thought to touch (it is possible to have the tabs bar)

– Swipe Back/Forward for page navigation, Why that does not exist  ?

Ø  Multitasking view : The Navigation is transparent and the background has blur. Swipe down to close apps, close all button now press the button and all the apps automatically close.

Concept Video Demo:

Thanks Gregory UL for the tip. Cheers!!