PakoOne app and one game which you can certainly try! Pako is a GTA-style driving game and is lots of fun. Pocket extractor is a cool unzipping app for windows phone. Both are new but have potential.


One parking lot. No Escape. How long would you last?
See if you can make it to Top 10 on online leaderboards!

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UPDATE: fixed car physics related bug + added option to quick restart by tapping the screen

Pocket Extractor:

Open, extract, modify archive files in your Windows Phone today for free! Pocket Extractor is a powerful app to help extract your music, books and other documents.

* Opens and extracts .zip, .rar, .tar, .7z, .gz files
* Saves and creates new .zip files
* Opens password-protected .zip files
* Can open and extract multiple files at once
* Integrates with Windows Phone’s share feature: Open files by sharing any number of them with Pocket Extractor. Use a file explorer, like Microsoft Files or Pocket Explorer to do so
* Integrates with Windows Phone to open .rar, .tar, .7z, .gz files directly from other applications

* Cannot directly associate with the .zip extension due to Microsoft’s restrictions. Share a zip file with this app to open it, or use the in-app file picker
* Cannot open multi-part archives yet
* Cannot open encrypted non-zip archives yet