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Tutorial: How to stop music & create playlist (easier method) on your Windows Phone.


This tutorial aims to provide you with another (easier but less versatile) method of creating playlists on your Windows Phone. Also many complain about absence of the option of completely stopping music on Windows Phone and for now one can just pause it. So, first here is how you can stop music with touch of one tile on your start screen.

stop music

What you need to install this free app “Stop the music” on your phone and pin it to start screen. With one touch it stops the music and clears the currently running music. As you can see in the above screenshot even if you pause the song it be show up under collections, but once you have tapped on the stop the music tile, it clears the paused song.

Creating playlist:

Now, before we go on with creating playlists, you need to completely stop the music first as described above or other wise all your songs will show up in the playlist. Now, once you have stopped the music, then go to library and then to songs and select songs you want to add to the playlist. Once you have selected the songs, add them to ‘now playing’ by tapping on the option of “add to now playing”.

This should take you to the now playing screen. Now access the menu from bottom and tap on save as playlists and save it. You are done. The playlists created with Xbox music as shown in our earlier tutorial are more versatile though, as one can add more songs and change the order of songs in those playlists.

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