The only all-format media player for Windows Phone, MoliPlayer Pro has been updated¬† and the updated version brings fix for the issue of “not being able to identify music files in the library”. You can read about MoliPlayer Pro in our review of the app.


1 [FIXED] Some music files were unable to be played;

2 [FIXED] Crashed when first launch;

3 [FIXED] Crashed when switch themes;

4 [FIXED] Crashed when drag the caching file;

5 [FIXED] Failed when play some video;

6 [FIXED] Skip unlock screen when return from background;

7 [FIXED] FM stops when play in moliplayer;

8 [FIXED] Ignored the m3u8 files when scanning;

9 [FIXED] Crashed when play the downloaded videos;

10 [FIXED] Crashed when play the nearby videos;

11 [FIXED] Other bugs.

UnfollowSpy has also been updated with following changes,

-Background refresh support added

-Refreshes live tiles as well as updates detailed and quick statuses on lockscreen

-Added FAQ

-Accounts do full refreshes more often

-Other bug fixes and improvements

Battery has also seen what looks like a bug fixes kind of update. Click on the direct links below to update the apps.