Microsoft released the first Windows 11 preview build for insiders yesterday. Here we are with our video of detailed hands-on with the Windows 11 File explorer.

Windows 11 packs a revamped File explorer with a modern and cleaner look with new UI design elements. Once you start playing with the new File explorer you will notice visual changes like,

  • All new and fresh icons are seen everywhere, even in options.
  • Revamped top bar with shiny new icons for actions like New item, cut, copy, paste, rename, share, delete and menu icons for arrangement/sorting options, layout options and general options.
  • The layout options in the Windows 11 File explorer house many advanced options including compact view, preview page, navigation pane, details pane. You can also add item check boxes if you need them.
  • The context menu has changed too and you can check the demo to see it in action
  • Though Microsoft has not drastically changed the basic File explorer structure, the overall user experience has been improved with the interface changes.