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Experience Virtual Reality as Microsoft Store adds four new VR game demos on Oculus Rift powered by Windows 10


If you have not paid a visit to a Microsoft Store lately, well now you should. Microsoft Store is adding four new VR game demos on Oculus Rift, powered by Windows 10 for its customers to make it easier than ever to experience virtual reality.

You can try new demos for free including one of the biggest exclusive games for Oculus Rift, Rock Band VR, as well as Fruit Ninja VR, Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal and Robo Recall.

Rift and Windows 10 make it easy to step into new worlds and experience VR gaming like never before, while Oculus Touch motion controllers feel as natural as your own hands. Whether you’re rocking out onstage or mowing down waves of rogue robots, experience how powerful and interactive hands-on virtual reality can be. Microsoft Store is the destination to try these experiences before you buy, empowering you to find the game and hardware that’s right for you.


Rock Band VR

Channel your inner rock star and let Rock Band VR transport you onstage to perform in front of a sold-out crowd. Interact with bandmates and shred on the stage with a Fender® Stratocaster® wireless guitar controller so you can craft unforgettable solos. Get Rock Band VR for free with purchase of Oculus Touch on microsoftstore.com, valid until April 5, 2017, or while supplies last.

Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal

Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal

Disney fans rejoice! Explore the fantastic world of Beauty and the Beast with Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal— an interactive VR experience that puts you in the dining room of Beast’s enchanted castle as Lumiere prepares for a special feast in Belle’s honor.

Fruit Ninja VR

The Fruit Ninja phenomenon continues in a VR dojo. Take your ninja skills to the next level by slicing, juggling and skewering fruit from all angles.

Robo Recall

Built from the ground up for Rift and Touch by Epic Games, Robo Recall is a brilliant, action-packed adventure with over-the-top arcade action.

Visit your local Microsoft Store today to get in on the new VR action! All games require an Oculus Rift headset, compatible PC and Oculus Touch controllers, available for purchase at Microsoft Store.

All of the above experiences are available in select Microsoft Stores this week. Demos are free, with no appointment needed.*

*Customers 18 years of age or older can participate in the experience. Customers ages 13 and older can participate with parent or guardian consent.

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