Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft has released a major update to Visual Studio 2017 in the form of version 15.7. Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 focuses on new features, productivity improvements, and other enhancements that address our customers’ feedback.

You can update to Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 by opening the Visual Studio Installer and clicking ‘Update’.

Summary of Updates in this Release

  • Easily Save All before updating, improved screen reader accessibility, and new Key Vault access errors.
  • Added new rules enforcing items from the C++ Core Guidelines.
  • Enable automatic updates for sideloaded APPX packages.
  • The XAML editor now provides IntelliSense and quick fixes for conditional XAML.
  • TypeScript 2.8 is included in Visual Studio version 15.7 Preview 2.
  • Support for Azure and additional project types in Visual Studio Build Tools.
  • Added support for JavaScript debugging with Microsoft Edge.

Top Issues Fixed in this Release

These are the top customer-reported issues addressed in this release. If you are looking for a specific customer-reported issue that has been fixed in 15.7 Preview.

  • Visual Studio Build Tools is missing MSBuild Web SDKs.
  • Razor formatting issues when performing copy/paste of html code to cshtml file.
  • Scrolling in the Solution Explorer ‘stutters’.
  • C++ compiler: #pragma once doesn’t work when prepended by #line.
  • [[maybe_unused]] with structured binding causes unreferenced local variable warning.

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