Visual Studio Code

Microsoft is open-sourcing the Visual Studio Code Extension for Arduino. In an official announcement, Microsoft shared that Visual Studio Code Extension for Arduino has been open sourced on at

This will provide a good development experience for Arduino developers. The extension is currently in preview, and makes it easy to code, build, deploy and debug Arduino sketches in Visual Studio Code, with a rich set of functionalities like:

  • IntelliSense and syntax highlighting for Arduino sketches
  • Verify and upload your sketches in Visual Studio Code
  • Built-in board and library manager
  • Built-in example list
  • Built-in serial monitor
  • Snippets for sketches
  • Automatic Arduino project scaffolding
  • Command Palette (F1) integration of frequently used commands (e.g. Verify, Upload…)
  • Integrated Arduino Debugging

To gets started, developers will require Arduino IDE which can be downloaded from here. Additionally, there are a few things you as an Arduino developer should be aware of:

  • The supported Arduino IDE versions are 1.6.x and later.
  • The Windows Store’s version of Arduino IDE is not supported because of the sandbox environment of Windows app.

For Arduino extension users, you can directly download and install the extension from Visual Studio Code Marketplace at:

Download Visual Studio Code