Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a cross-platform, light-weight code editor available for Windows, Linux as well as macOS. It combines the simplicity of a lightning fast source code editor with powerful developer tooling, like IntelliSense code completion and debugging.

The latest November release (version 1.19) for Visual Studio Code includes a number of significant updates like  Faster startup and other performance improvements, New VS Code diagnostics, logging, and extension monitoring, Easily view terminal output in a VS Code editor, Learn how to debug Next.js, Meteor projects and applications using the nodemon utility. and more

Here are some of the key highlights:

Bug fixes as well as community PRs still resulted in a great list of updates. Here are some of the release highlights:

The release notes are arranged in the following sections related to VS Code focus areas. Here are some further updates:

  • Workbench – Compare your active file to the Clipboard contents.
  • Editor – Folding improvements, interval line numbers, support macOS global Clipboard.
  • Languages – TypeScript 2.6.2, JSX fragment syntax, new JSON with comments mode.
  • Debugging – Undefine env variables per session, better VARIABLES rendering.
  • Extensions – Choose which extensions are active in your workspaces.
  • Extension Authoring – Pre-release extension support, yo code can enable TSLint and checkJS.

For more information on each new feature, head to the source page or click on the individual links above.

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