Vivaldi Brower

Vivaldi is releasing a new update for its Vivaldi Browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Vivaldi v1.7 is the first release of the year 2017 and is packed with whole lot of new features and improvements to the stable version for users to try out.

This version mainly focuses on various ways of capturing screenshots and sharing them.

For example, there is a new camera icon in the status bar as seen in the image above. Once you click on the camera icon, a small pop-up window that shows all the available options for taking a screenshot. There, you can choose whether you want to take a screenshot of the full page or a selection of it.

capturing screenshots in vivaldi browser

You can even save the picture to the disk directly or copy it to the clipboard for sharing through an application.

There is one more neat feature for which you might usually have to use a third-party software, and that is full-page screenshots. In case of Vivaldi browser, it empowers you to capture full page grabs. Just tap on the camera icon and select Full Page from the tab.

Full Page screenshots in vivaldi browser

Notes Panel

For those of you that like working with the Notes panel, Vivaldi 1.7 has another neat feature in store. Notes, which you can find in the Side Panel, let you save comments to your favorite webpages, together with screenshots. With the latest release, you can also capture selected areas of websites and add them to Notes.

Notes Panel in Vivaldi

Powerful way of managing noisy tabs

Vivaldi is all about putting you in control of your browsing experience, and the latest release gives you more options for muting unwanted noise that’s playing on the background.

Our popular feature, known by the name of “Silent Tabs For Users”, has been improved even further. This feature identifies background tabs playing ads, videos or other multimedia content, and makes it possible to stop the unwanted noise with just one click.

With the latest release, you no longer need to look for that one tab that’s causing all the noise – you can mute all of them at once. If you like to browse with many tabs open, this comes in very handy. All you need to do is map your keyboard shortcuts in Keyboard Settings or call up quick commands with F2/⌘E and type “Mute”.

More choice, more control

The 1.7 release also includes:

  • Mapped keyboard shortcuts for screenshots.
  • Configurable lazy loading for pinned tabs.
  • Native macOS notifications.
  • Addition of StartPage private search engine
  • Configurable top-level domain expansion.
  • Toggle extensions visibility option in the address bar.
  • Improved keyboard menu access on Windows/Linux for Chinese, Japanese and Korean users.

You can download the latest version of Vivaldi Browser by heading over to this link here.