Outlook on the web

Microsoft is upgrading the experience of writing, interacting, searching and drafting emails on the web-based client application for Microsoft Outlook.

These new innovations in Outlook are made to give users more control to get things done faster, without leaving the inbox.

Outlook + Microsoft 365 Integrations 

It is easy to get distracted with the onslaught of mail. Instead of switching apps to respond, you can now do more from within Outlook. Our Integrations with Microsoft 365 are designed to save you time.  

Interactive email 

Now when you get emails about missed messages in Teams, updates to your communities in Yammer, or new comments on Office docs you can respond directly from the email notification without having to switch applications. Of course, we still make it easy to jump into the full app experience if you prefer to do so.  

Picture1.pngReply to a Teams message directly from Outlook

InteractiveYammer_in-Outlook (1).gifLike, comment, or post to a Yammer community from the email notification

Picture1.pngRespond to a comment on an Office document from within Outlook

Share to Teams 

If you get an email and would like to share it via Teams, there is now an option to do so within Outlook. This also works the other way with the Share to Outlook option in Teams.  

To learn more, read this support article

Picture1.pngShare emails to Teams with the Share to Teams option available from the overflow menu

Intelligence and assistance  

Staying on top of your personal communications and commitments can be a time-consuming and arduous task. With new advances in Microsoft AI, we are excited to give you some of that time back so you can focus on what matters most. 

Suggested reply with a document  

You already know suggested replies, which gives you 3 options at the bottom of a conversation which you can click to begin responding. Suggested replies can already help you schedule a meeting. Now we are taking this even further with suggested reply with a document.  

When Outlook notices someone in the conversation requesting a file, one of the suggested replies will be “Attach a file.” Click this and Outlook will suggest files you might want to attach as well as options to search your local computer or cloud storage

To learn more, read this support article

Picture1.pngRespond to emails faster by letting Outlook find the file you need.

Text predictions  

Outlook can help you write emails faster by anticipating what you may want to say next. Just click the tab key to accept the suggestion and continue composing. If for some reason the text prediction doesn’t sound quite right, keep typing and the suggestion will disappear. 

To learn more, read this support article

Picture1.pngWrite less and do more with text predictions in Outlook

Microsoft Editor in Outlook  

To help with the increasing amount of written communication, Editor in Outlook can help you save time and press send confidently knowing your message is clear, concise, and reviewed to minimize errors. The Microsoft Editor is also integrated into other Microsoft 365 apps such as Word and is available as a browser extension so all your settings can travel with you wherever you write. Learn about Editor in Outlook for Windows here

Picture1.pngGet your message across in a concise and clear way using the Editor in Outlook


Trying to find what you are looking for shouldn’t be a test of your memory or of your knowledge of advanced filtering. With new innovations to search in Outlook on the web, it is easier than ever to find what you are looking for.  

Search Answers 

Instead of wading through the search results, you can now see the answer to your question without the clutter of the email content. Outlook extracts the most important information so you can quickly take action.  

Outlook also searches more than just your inbox! You don’t need to remember if you shared a particular file in Outlook, Teams, or at all. 

Picture1.pngFind the file you are looking for in Outlook, no matter where it is saved

To find information about a particular meeting, you don’t have to go to your calendar. Simply type the name of the meeting, or the name of the organizer and we will bring the answer to you. You can RSVP, send emails, read associated documents, or join a Teams meeting right from the Calendar Answer. 

Picture1.pngFind information about an upcoming meeting and take action with search in Outlook

Search in Outlook can also help you find internal sites for logging time off, filing expenses, or any other bookmarks set by your admins. 

Picture1.pngFind bookmarked links with search in Outlook

Natural Language Search 

You can now choose to type your search query using everyday language to filter and narrow your search for emails, calendar events, contact information and files. Just type what you are thinking – “email that Adele sent me last week”.  

Picture1.pngType your search query using the language you use every day