WiFi Tool

WiFi Tool app is a great, feature rich Wi-Fi network analyzer app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile devices. The app simply turns your device into a powerful Wi-Fi analyzer backed up by its modern Windows 10 UI and data rich 2D, 3D visualizations.

For a limited time, the app is free to download from the Windows Store, saving you as much as $2.49.

Other features include:

  • Filter, sort and group available networks
  • Switch between different networks instantly
  • Detailed information about specific WiFi access point
  • Find less used channel for your own router
  • Monitor your network traffic
  • Customizeable real time Live Tile
  • System Notifications on connect or disconnect
  • Dark and light theme
  • No Ads

Grab the deal from the store while you can!

Free WiFi Analyzer Tool
Free WiFi Analyzer Tool
Developer: WiFi Tools
Price: Free