Microsoft will bring many new features and UI changes as part of Windows 10 version 21H2 aka Sun valley update. Now, it seems there may be new multitasking aka Windows Snap features including “Aero Shake” feature. Leaked images reveal the options related to these upcoming multitasking features present in Windows 10 21H2 code.

Options related to new Windows 10 21H1 multitasking features have been found by Microsoft enthusiast Albacore. He has posted screenshots of settings that include Aero Shake toggle, Snap further away from screen edge option and two mystery checkboxes for new Snap features.

Albacore has also revealed that these mystery boxes may revolve around “Snap-based task groups”. It may be related to 1) Drag windows to the sides or corners of your screen and they’ll automatically size to fit perfectly, side by side; 2) “When choosing what to snap, show Microsoft Edge tabs on their own page, Snap Microsoft Edge tabs.

Coming to the Aero Shake toggle here is what the feature does. If you toggle the Aero shake on and grab a Windows’s title bar and shake it, it will minimize all other windows.

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