Even though many people including me are living a happy life with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, the number of people on the other side of the coin, who are not having the same filling about Microsoft’s latest update to its Windows 10 operating system. Enthusiasts lament the anomalies found in the latest update. Some are considering 1803 as the successor to Anniversary update from the OS stability standpoint.

Microsoft will fix issues in the future Cumulative update for 1803. In the meantime, we have researched enough and found fixes to some bugs that should cure the affected device.

Apps cannot access the camera or microphone:

Go to windows settings by pressing Win key+I> Privacy> Camera(under app permission)
Under camera turn on the Allow apps to access your camera toggle. Do the same thing for the microphone. You will find microphone just below the camera. Some windows MVPs are saying that this issue might be the result of Microsoft’s recent update to its privacy settings.

No cameras are attached with the error code OxAOOF4244:

This issue can be fixed with the above solution. If it does not give any success you should roll back to the previous build, 1709.

Always on max brightness:

Press Windows Key + X key and click Device Manager
Expand ‘Display Adapters
Right-click on the Display Adapter listed and click on ‘Update Driver Software’.Select the option to automatically search for the updated driver software.
Restart the computer

Windows 10 has a hidden hard drive:

Type cmd in Windows Start Search box > Right click and run as Administrator
Type diskpart and press Enter
Now another window will be opened having diskpart.exe
Type list volume and then press Enter
Type select volume n and then press Enter
(where n is volume number which you want to remove)
Type remove letter=n and then press enter

Cannot sign in or reach the desktop:

Press Win key + Ctrl + Shift + B on laptop or desktop or if you have a tablet simultaneously press both the volume-up and volume-down buttons, three times within 2 seconds. Either of this action on the respective devices will result in a short beep sound and the screen will blink or dim this means that Windows is doing just fine and Windows will itself attempt to refresh the screen.

Error 0x80242006:

This kinda error is common during a major update like 1709 or 1803. So it is recommended that you download Windows 10 ISO and update your computer offline in lieu of installing the update via Windows update.

alt+tab revised:

This was also amongst the very few issues that were found in  Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The issue has a simple fix:
Right-click the current display adapter
Click Uninstall
Check the box that says, “Delete the driver software for this device.”
Exit Device Manager

Go to Start -> Settings -> Update & security, then Check for updates and install any available udates.

The printer is not doing its work:

Uninstall and then reinstalling the printer will solve the problem.
Uninstall the printer:
Windows Key+X > Apps and Features / Programs and Features  
Select your printer.  
Select Uninstall.

Reinstall the driver
You need to go to manufacturer’s website and look for the driver of your need and install them. After installing perform a restart.

April Update stuck in limbo:

In that case, the following solution will just help you to roll back to the previous build.
Get your computer into recovery screen by power on and off three times back to back. In the recovery screen select Advanced options. Under the Advanced options settings, you should be able to reset your computer. It is recommended not to stay connected with an Internet while performing it.

Antivirus is not working:

This issue comes with a fairly simple fix. All you need to do is to uninstall and then reinstall it once again.
Tip: Always uninstall your antivirus before you perform any major Windows 10 update and then after successfully installing the update you are welcome reinstalling your antivirus. Always remember that Windows has a love-hate relationship with antivirus.

1803 is too much for me! how to stay away?:

Microsoft has KB updates that are meant to block WIndows or any driver update via the windows update. You can download that by going here.
you can just set your network as a metered connection to avoid 1803.