Enthusiasts have been trying to install and run Windows 10 ARM on various Lumia devices and we have been reporting about it in the past. Microsoft has ceased Windows 10 Mobile development a long time ago and is not supporting Lumia devices with new features and changes.

Still many of the Lumia owners have started using their Lumia devices for interesting projects like installing Windows 10 ARM on it. The latest and one of the most successful installation has been on Lumia 950/XL family all thanks to the WOA Deployer for the Lumia tool. We even have a progress report for Windows 10 ARM64 on Lumia 950 XL from the likes of Gustave on Twitter.

Gustave has been posting about his experience with Lumia 950 XL after installing Windows 10 ARM and after making further tweaks. Seems the Hey Cortana works much better now.

Gustave has also recently posted more tweets showing his experience with running other apps on Lumia 950 XL.

If Windows 10 ARM on your Lumia 950/XL interests you and you want to play with it you can do it easily by using the WOA Deployer for Lumia tool. Click here to go to install the tool and for further instructions.

Here is a video of a Lumia 950 XL with Windows 10 ARM64 installed and dual-booting with Windows 10 Mobile.