While the Windows 10 Build 14328 brings lots of new changes and features with itself there are some changes that are yet unreported but quite interesting. So, here we are with some of these changes. For reading the full official changelog you can click here and for watching our hands-on demo of the changes brought by Build 14328 click here.

Projecting to this PC:

Microsoft has sorted out projection issues well in the Build 14328 and there is separate settings available for “Projecting to this PC”. Access it by going to Settings–>System. Enabling the options allows use of features like “Project My Screen” and Continuum for Phones over Wi-Fi.

Projecting to my PC

Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.o networks support:

Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 networks support has arrived with Build 14328 on PC too.

Hotspot 2.0

Network Status UI changes & Enhancements:

Now you can access more info about Wi-Fi or Network connection by going to Network & Internet and checking status. Not only the status is shown in an emphatic manner on top you can see more info and even troubleshoot. You can also run Network speed test.

Network status