Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update may be carrying all new big features on it shoulders that everyone is talking about, but do you know there is this new and updated emojis which add a nice flavor to your daily conversations?

On emojipedia, Microsoft has added support for the rainbow flag emoji, gendered emojis, and professions in the Windows 10 Creators Update. This update adds 482 new emojis, plus in a first for any major vendor — 288 additional variations for interracial couples.

These add up to make 770 total new emojis in Windows 10 Creators Update, which means the total number of emojis supported is now 2,381 when gender and skin tone are taken into account. Although, not as big as the Anniversary Update but certainly a welcome addition. So, next time you are looking for that rainbow flag emoji on your PC or phone, it is a click/tap away.

There is a new emoji-suggest feature, which looks great, but is only available to those using the Pinyin input method.


Visit emojipedia for a full list of New and Updated emojis for Microsoft.