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Windows 10 Fall Creators update to get Multi-step interactive notifications & other features


The official Windows 10 Platform features’ roadmap reveals some interesting detail about what Microsoft is working on to help developers make their apps even better. One of these features which has a status of “in development” is “Multi-step interactivity in toast notifications“.

This feature will allow developers to introduce multi-step interactive notifications in their apps. This is how it is explained,

Allow interactive toast notifications that have multiple steps of interactivity. For example, the initial toast has a dropdown with a Next button, and then clicking Next triggers a background task while leaving the toast in a pending state until your app updates the toast with the next step.

There are some other features with “in development” status at this roadmap page.

  • High-quality implementation of this common interaction pattern (aka ‘Hamburger’).
  • Allow apps to check if they’re pinned to taskbar, and request to pin themselves to the taskbar.
  • High-quality implementation of ColorPicker Control.
  • High-quality implementation of Pull to Refresh Control.
  • High-quality implementation of Ratings Control
  • High-quality implementation of Swipe Control
  • High-quality implementation of Tree View Control

It is not yet clear whether these features will be available in time for Windows 10 Fall Creators update release. But one feature “Secondary tiles for Desktop apps” which was in development is now under preview status. So, hopefully , Microsoft completes the development and pushes these features to insiders in time for testing.

Source: Microsoft

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