Windows 10 IoT Core

Windows 10 IoT Core is getting the Creators Update of its own just like the PCs, tablets and mobile devices. This major update for Windows 10 IoT Core includes improved developer tools, additional APIs, new code samples, and more.

First up is the support for new hardware:

  • Verified support for Windows 10 IoT Core on Intel Joule, Intel Pentium N4200, Intel Celeron N3350, and upcoming Atom x5-E39xx processors (formerly Apollo Lake).
  • Verified support for Raspberry Pi 3 SOMs.

The Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard has been given a refreshed look, and better documentation for setting up a new device. Check out here

Along with the Intel Joule, Intel Compute Stick can also be seen as the choice on the getting started flow, which is a welcome addition.

The windows device portal has been improved. This lets you configure and manage your device remotely over a network.

One of the major additions is, Cortana on Windows IoT Core. Cortana is now available on Windows 10 IoT Core in the creators update. However, in order to use Cortana on a Windows 10 IoT Core device, you must meet three basic requirements.

  • The device must have a display, plus microphone and speaker are required for speech interaction with Cortana.
  • The device must have internet connection.
  • The user must have a Microsoft account (MSA) to utilize Cortana.

Here is a short video covering the basics on how to get started:

Windows 10 IoT Core other major features

  • Discovering Your Remote Devices – No special software is needed to discover your devices that are signed in with your Microsoft Account.
  • Azure Device Management Support – Device Management of Azure IoT hub using Windows 10 IoT Core.
  • Adafruit class library for Windows IoT Core – Adafruit Class Library is a special library package containing Windows IoT Core driver software for a variety of Adafruit products.
  • IoT and AI Insider Lab – Leverage Microsoft’s IoT and AI Insider Lab to accelerate bringing your IoT products to market.
  • New UWP APIs And Controls for Vibration, Brightness, Modern Connected Standby, Power Management, Battery Charge  and NFC (w/o HCE).
  • New busses and capabilities for ARM PCIe, USB Function Mode, Wi-Fi Direct and GPIO Interrupt counting API.
  • New Embedded features on Reset/Recovery, On-SOC PWM and Automatic USB provisioning
  • A variety of new update policies have been added to Windows 10 IoT Core.