Windows 10 is getting closer year over year to beat the market share of Windows 7 for good. Netmarketshare today releases a data showing different versions of Windows and their overall share on laptop/desktop. The data gives us some insights into the different versions of Windows.

According to, Windows 7 is still dominating the desktop/laptop market with market share of almost 42 percent which is down from 43.57% last month whereas Windows 10 currently stands at 35% which is up from 34% last month. Windows 8.1 and Windows XP share a similar share of 5%. What is interesting to see here is that except for Windows 7, three of the major Windows versions including Windows 8.1 witnessed growth at the expense of Windows 7.

We are seeing a positive growth of Windows 10 but that growth is excruciatingly slow which is not a good sign. The slow growth always reminds me that PC market is becoming saturated year over year. Microsoft though is desperately trying to address the problem by bringing more innovations to PCs so that people become more enticed on PCs once again but the formulas are simply not working as of now.

Windows 10 on ARM is indeed a much needed and a bigger push to compensate the Mobile disaster Microsoft had with its Windows phone and it might finally make people look into a PC from a different perspective altogether. That might solve the issue, at least we are hopeful!