Microsoft’s recently released Windows 10 May 2019 Update a.k.a. Windows 10 1903 has a severe color banding bug, resulting in abnormal color gradient, which in turn, make the display look dull.

You will notice the bug especially when you have an ICC profile or load apps that load an ICC profile. Changing the display configuration will also make the display issue appear.

“I’ve been slowly driven insane by a bug for the last few months where my custom ICC profile and the default Windows profile will switch back and forth under certain reproducible conditions,” posted a Reddit user.

Users on Reddit also noted that the banding bug gets worse if the affected users switch on the Night Light feature.

Some users are also reporting that the latest cumulative update solved the color banding bug and that they are no longer experiencing abnormal color gradient.

“They broke ICC profiles with 1903, and it was just fixed in the latest cumulative update,” noted a Reddit user.

Have you noticed the bug? Did the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 1903 solve the issue? Let us know in the comments section.