Microsoft has unusual ways of communicating things. Yesterday during a Mixer webcast, a Microsoft Engineer revealed that worst fears of current Windows 10 Mobile users will come true. As per his reply, Windows 10 Mobile won’t move out of the featureless Feature2 branch.

But, then as per another well-known Microsoft employee Brandon on Twitter, major new features will come with future Feature2 builds but will be Enterprise-focused. He further mentions Enterprise features like “MDM management policies, improved VPN experiences, security” in works for Windows 10 Mobile.

With the recent leak of Windows 10 with CShell working on HP Elite X3, it seems that Microsoft will go for a soft Windows 10 Mobile reboot only in 1803 update cycle. Windows 10 Mobile may remain stuck in Feature2 for the Fall Creators update 1709 release planned in September 2017.

Perhaps March 2018 will be the time when we will see Andromeda aka Windows 10 + CShell coming to latest devices like HP Elite X3 and Idol 4 Pro. Lumias will be out of the consideration for insider builds in cycle 1803.