Microsoft has talked about many new and upcoming Windows 10 features in development in its Windows 10 Roadmap for Business. Below are the relevant bits and pieces of information for Windows 10 PC that you may find interesting.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a new service that will help enterprises detect, investigate, and respond to advanced attacks on their networks.


Enhancements to Microsoft Passport

Enhancements to Microsoft Passport improve its functionality in enterprise environments.

Use your phone to unlock your Windows PC

Use your Windows Phone or Android phone as remote credential store which can be used to unlock any of your Windows 10 PCs and authenticate with apps and services that support Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport based authentication.

Use Companion Devices to unlock your Windows PC

Use your Microsoft Band 2, or other devices that integrates with the Windows 10 Companion Device Framework (CFD), as companion device for Microsoft Passport based authentication. With this a device like the Microsoft Band 2 or other third party devices, they can become an external second factor of authentication which can be used to unlock your Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft Edge – Web Notifications

With Microsoft Edge, you can choose to get notifications from your favorite websites, even when you are not browsing. For example, get notifications for when friends post on your Facebook page.

Projecting on PCs

Instead of only projecting a Continuum for phone experience on unconnected monitors, a Continuum-compatible phone can connect to monitors/screens that are connected to Windows 10 PCs. Connection above the lock screen, as well as behind the lock screen, are supported.

Start menu updates

Start menu updates give more control to users, make it easier to access all apps, and provides additional optimization for touch input (i.e., tablet mode).

Picture in Picture

Monitor media content while focusing on other tasks.

PC to PC casting

Cast your Windows experience from one PC to another PC.

Windows Ink

Get entirely new ways to capture notes and develop thoughts—quickly and easily—with your pen or fingertip.

Cortana and Action Center integration

Moves Cortana’s proactive notifications into the Action Center.