Microsoft may release next major update for Windows 10, the versions 1703 aka Creators update in March / April. Slowly the interesting tidbits have started appearing in official documentations about the new stuff that we know less about.

One of these features that Creators update is going to bring is Cellular Settings CSP to Windows 10. Windows 10 Mobile has always had that, but it coming to Windows 10 universally may reflect upon Microsoft’s strategy to make Windows 10 more mobile.

As per the update in MSDN documentation,

Starting in Windows 10, version 1703 the CellularSettings CSP is supported in Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions.

So, these settings will let Windows 10 users control Cellular data on Windows 10 devices if they can support SIM cards.

It goes well with Microsoft’s recent focus on enabling mobility and ARM64 support on Windows 10. The plan all the way seems to bring full Windows 10 on handheld mobile devices in long run.