In what looks like a step in right direction, Microsoft has updated the Windows 10 store app with a “much-desired” basic feature. The store app listings will now show the installed app version.

Coming to details now. Microsoft store has received probably a server-side update that now enables mention of version of the installed app. One can see installed version in the screenshot in featured image above.

Though, it seems that this basic change will only work for the UWP apps for now. As one user explained on Reddit,

Yeah this only works for applications using APPX/MSIX, MS Store has no way of knowing if an unpackaged app is installed, or what version it is.

Btw APPX/MSIX isn’t strictly tied to UWP, you can put Win32 applications into APPX/MSIX through Desktop Bridge.

So, if developers use APPX/MSIZ for packaging Win32 apps, it should be able to show installed version too. Users are now asking Microsoft to add “the last updated” information too.