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Windows 11 UI (setup, start screen, file explorer & more), Wallpaper, startup sound leak online


A Windows 11 build has leaked online prompting many to install it and post screenshots, wallpapers and startup sound. The screenshots reveal that Windows 11 is the marriage of Windows 10X UI with Windows 10. The default start screen is very similar to the Windows 10X start screen (Check the feature image above).

Windows 11 Start screen, UI, Startup, File Explorer screenshots:

Here is your first look at Windows 11 start screen and other UI elements. Rounded corners are here with Windows 11. If you don’t like the centered start screen UI, you can move it to left to get the traditional Windows 10 start screen.

Even the setup looks very similar to Windows 10X setup experience. Check the screenshots below.

Screenshot also reveals the File explorer that so far looks similar to what we already saw in Dev channel build so far.

Windows 11 Wallpapers download:

Windows 11 wallpapers have been posted online and can be downloaded from below.

Windows 11 Startup sound:

Here is the new startup sound for Windows 11.

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