You may remember Windows 10X, a supposedly modular OS platform that had both performance advantage and refreshing design credentials. Now, imagine Windows 11X, that merges both Windows 11 and Windows 10X UI/UX elements to create a new design.

Coming to details now, a developer has managed to combine Windows 10X and Windows 11 UX effects somehow. Another Twitter account has posted some of the images of this combined UX effect that he likes to call Windows 11X on Twitter. He has also promised to reveal how he has been able to do so soon. So, check the images below.

When Microsoft decided to put Windows 10X on hold, it also brought many of the Windows 10X UI changes and other usability focused features to Windows 11. Windows 10X was supposed to be lighter and modern version of Windows 10.

Windows 10X UI elements like more-rounded corners, Start Screen position, Taskbar, new search experience are already part of Windows 11. But the lighter UI of Windows 10X still has enough differentiation from the Windows 11.

So, Microsoft bringing some more of Windows 10X UI/UX elements to Windows 11 in future updates can’t be ruled out. Though so far Windows 11 builds released in Dev channel don’t indicate at the Windows 11 version 22H2 bringing these.