Microsoft is done with Windows Phone and most us, the Windows Phone enthusiasts also moved on. This doesn’t stop enthusiasts to explore the years old Lumia devices. Gustave M. is one such guy. He recently came up with a Microsoft Lumia 650 in which he was able to install Windows 8 operating system. In case you are not sure, yes we are talking a full-fledged Windows 8 desktop operating system.

This isn’t for the first time, he earlier played with the Lumia 950 and ended up putting Windows RT in it. Nevertheless, it shows that a mid-range Windows Phone like Lumia 650 can handle a full-fledged desktop operating system just fine. The sad part here is we can’t guide you to the installation process as of now but as soon as it comes online we will be the first to let you know so that you could know how it feels like to install a desktop O.S. on a digital slab ūüėČ