You may be aware of the “Windows Device Recovery Tool” ( Earlier Windows Phone Recovery Tool). This is a very useful tool that helps you to return to Windows Phone 8.1, if Windows 10 previews are too buggy to handle for you or you don’t like Windows 10 Mobile.

If all else fails, use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to return to Windows Phone 8.1. This means all your personal content will be erased, and your phone will be restored to the latest version of Windows Phone for your specific device. You’ll have an opportunity to restore a backup while you’re setting up your phone again, but app data and settings may be lost after you restore.

How Windows Device Recovery Tool works?:

Step 1. Using Windows Device Recovery Tool erases all personal content on your phone. If possible, create a backup of your phone’s content before starting the installation. You can read our backup and restore tutorial for detailed instructions.

Step 2. Download and install Windows Device Recovery Tool to your computer. If possible, make sure that your phone is fully charged.

Step 3. Start Windows Device Recovery Tool, and connect your phone to your computer with a compatible USB cable, when the message appears “connect your phone” and chose your phone and go to next screen.

Step 4. Follow the instructions shown on the tool. The latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 software and firmware will be installed, and your phone will restored back to the factory settings. This process may take some time depending on your internet connection, and you cannot use your phone during the installation.

Step 5. Restore from the backup that you prepared in step 1.

How to recover bricked unresponsive devices:

Many times we can face issues that make Lumia / Windows Phone devices either dead or unresponsive or stuck at some screen like “sad smiley” or “stopped gears”. We will let you know how to tackle such situation.

1) Get Windows Phone recovery tool. Connect your unresponsive device with USB to the PC and choose “my phone was not detected“.

2) Now you need to try to soft reset by holding power button and volume down button together for around 10 seconds or more till your phone vibrates. The WDRT then will be able to detect your device and offer available firmware after checking. Keep in mind you may have to repeat this and till the time WDRT detects your device at least once.

3) When your phone is detected you will be offered to install a firmware update. Click on “Install Software.

4) Select Continue on next screen and it will start downloading a package.

5) Let the WDRT install the software on your devices after download of the package. Then it should be back to life.