It is certainly an encouraging news for Windows eco-system. As per a report from Australia it seems that Windows devices are dominating sales in 2-in-1 category. Telsyte has recently released the results of the 2016 Australian Media Tablet Study. The report says that while at the end of 2015 Windows accounted for only 8% of Australian Tablet market, they are on the rise now and dominate sales in the 2-in-2 Tablet category in 2016.

As per the report,

Insight At the end of 2015, Windows accounted for only 8% of the Australian tablet audience, a distant 3rd behind iOS (60%) and Android (33%). However, Windows devices are on the rise as they dominate sales in the 2-in-1 tablet category. Telsyte expect the Windows tablet audience to be larger than the Android tablet audience by 2018 setting up a 2-horse-race between Windows and iOS in the tablet category. With that said, Windows 2-in-1 users are likely to be relatively light consumers of news and entertainment content, compared to other tablet users. Only 30% of Windows tablet users agree the internet is the main way they source entertainment, compared with 27% of iOS users and 42% of Android users. Windows 2-in-1 are more likely to be used for work and content creation than for content consumption.