Update: The WSATools 0.1.5 version is now available with fixes. You can download it by following the direct download link provided below, if you can’t find the app in store.

Microsoft recently enabled Android apps installation on Windows 11 via Amazon Appstore and enthusiasts found a way to install Android APKs and even Google Apps (Play Store). The installation of APKs and Google Apps is done via the ADB tool and command line interface.

But most of users may not be comfortable in using ADB tool and command line interface. So, now a developer has created a tool called WSATools that will allow installation of APKs without needing the knowledge of ADB and command line interface.


Windows Subsystem for Android™ Tools to help installing APKs (Android apps) on Windows outside of the Amazon App Store, no need to know how to use the command line and ADB!\

You can download the app by clicking on the direct download link provided below. Searching in store for the app somehow doesn’t bring up the app.

Download link

As per developer of this app, most of the times the app should work fine. There may still be some cases when the app might crash, give some errors or get stuck.